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Travel Tip: This Easy Trick Will Keep Clothes Wrinkle-Free Without Ironing

Photo: Extra Petite

Wrinkled clothes is one of my major pet peeves. Let's put this way: I'd rather go naked then wear a wrinkled attire ;) With that said—at some point or another—I'm sure many of you have struggled with how to pack without wrinkling your well-ironed clothes. Here's my go-to solution! and it doesn't require jamming a bulky iron into your suitcase!

Steam your clothes in the shower
Hang your clothes somewhere in the bathroom and shut the door. It's as simple as that. For deeper wrinkles, be sure to spritz some water on the wrinkles. The steam from the shower will relax the wrinkles and you're good to go! This next step is optional, after I steam my clothes in the shower, I like to smooth them over with my hands for a crisper finishing look.

What helpful tips do you have for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free when traveling? I'd love to read them!


A New Yorker's Guide to the Best Staycation Spots

Photo: Nu Hotel

If you're strapped for cash or just don't want to put up with all the travails of traveling, you're in luck. I've got your guide to the best staycation spots in NYC.


Jones Beach
Located in Nassau County,  Jones beach is the perfect suburban oceanfront to unwind. You can frolic in the white sand, surf, play miniature golf or just enjoy many of its nice restaurants. I even hear, it's an "unofficial nude beach," if you're into that sort of thing :)

Coney Island Beach
Coney Island's rolling waves makes it the ideal summer getaway and since it's open all-year-round, there's really no excuse not to visit. There's a reason why this scenic landmark has remained one of NYC's main attractions. It offers many exciting recreational activities, such as baseball, basketball and volleyball, an amusement park and many well-known events like the Mermaid Parade.

Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach is perfect for family picnics or just lounging around and catching some rays. Its features include several playgrounds, swings, a sprinkler system and decorative motifs of marine life. To truly enjoy your respite, leave the car at home as parking can get a little pricey. 

Parks & Secluded Spots

The High Line
Built on an abandoned railway track, the High Line offers visitors an iconic view of Midtown's iconic skyscrapers. Despite the beautiful vista, the park's beauty is in its interior, which is full of wildflowers, benches and arts and attractions. This urban oasis is not to be missed.

Central Park
There's so much to explore at Central Park. In the wintertime, you can have a romantic time at Wollman Rink but as the weather heats up, you can enjoy a nice picnic at the Great Lawn, go bird-watching at Belvedere Castle or even enjoy a free theater performance, courtesy of Shakespeare in the Park.

New York Botanical Garden
Located in the Bronx, this historic landmark is the perfect secluded spot to unwind and become one with nature. Once there, you'll have access to 28 specialty gardens, a conservatory and a 40-acre forest.

Snug Harbor
You can access this hidden 19th century estate by taking the Staten Island Ferry. It houses museums, performing art venues, a greenhouse and a farm.


If you're a foodie, Smorgasburg is where you need to be. It's full of NYC food trucks and delicious fare. Best of all, it's overlooking the Williamsburg Waterfront.

Dreaming of a Mexican getaway? Head to Fonda, its vibrant colors, drink menu and dishes are extensive, not to mention addictive.

Peter Luger
If you've never experienced a New York steakhouse, you must go to Peter Luger. Their dry-aged steaks, creamed spinach and monstrous slabs of bacon are to die for.


Unleash your inner daredevil by taking a trapeze class. Aerial Arts NYC, located on the East side of Midtown, offers private lessons on trapeze, rope, acrobatics and more.

Strayboots Scavenger Hunt
The way this works is that the company sends fun challenges directly to your cellphone that takes you to interesting spots in NYC. After each challenge is completed, you're then rewarded with fun facts about the areas you've visited.

Miniature Golf
Chelsea Piers has one of NYC's premier golf destinations, with a scenic view of the Hudson River to boot.


The Soho House
Although this is an exclusive club, nonmembers can still access its amenities, which includes a rooftop pool. Do you remember when Samantha from "Sex and the City" was denied access to the Soho House and used the alias, "Annabelle Bronstein" to get in?

The NoMad Hotel
It's a little bit of Paris in New York City.  Their chic rooms feature freestanding claw-foot tubs and unique art collections. If you decide to stay at the Nomad, be sure to sample their famed roasted chicken.

Nu Hotel
Brace yourselves. The rooms in this downtown Brooklyn hotel comes complete with hammocks. How fun is that? But don't worry, there are also comfortable beds, too.


Dream Dinner Abroad: French Riviera

Anyone who knows me, knows about my penchant for trying new cuisine. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and fraternize with locals from various lands. The place that has always been the epitome of my ideal vacation spot is the French Riviera, otherwise known as the Cote D’azur.  

While I would want to hit the town and sample the finest dishes from some of the finest restaurants at the French Riviera, I have to admit I’m most interested in the offerings of local eateries. When I travel, I’m more concerned about the authenticity of the dishes that I eat and the histories behind them. Having that knowledge somehow makes the food taste better. In my opinion, little shops and hole-in-the-wall places are best at maintaining old culinary traditions and techniques. They are often the heart of any city.

On my list of delicious dishes to try are Bouillabaisse, ratatouille, porchetta (stuffed suckling pig), an assortment of cheeses, the stinkier the better, and off course lots of Rosé, which seems fitting for the sunny, Mediterranean locale.

I don’t know about you, but if I were browsing the web in a foreign country with the goal of finding popular restaurants for a fun night out, I would definitely go to a website that can translate the information in English. Unless you're one of those rare breeds who prefer to decipher each word using Webster. Why do all the work, when companies are able and willing to do it for you? 

I’m no expert but I’m guessing that not having a translation software, or worse, having a bad translation software can be disastrous for a business, especially startups with limited funds.

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Back In NYC

I flew to Ft. Myers, Florida, for my grandmother's birthday celebration last week and now I'm back in NYC! I slept in one of these comfy little numbers from Pottery Barn but nothing feels better than my own bed. It was wonderful to see my cousins, we talked, ate, laughed, danced, and I think we're closer than we've ever been. I just love those silly, crazy girls.



I went to summer camp when I was younger and hated every second of the experience. The very next year, I told my mother I'd rather spend the entire summer bored to death at home than return to what I referred to at the time as camp hell. As I watched all my childhood friends from my neighborhood board the bus with ardent fervor, I felt a huge sigh of relief. Because, the idea of being marauded by a burly bear, or having to endure itchy pustules from species of bugs that had yet to make an appearance on the Discovery Channel or even worse, having to take care of business out in the great outdoors, terrified me.

Glamping, (camping with a dose of glamour) offers all the beauty of camping with indoor plumbing, electricity and lavish decor.

Pawsup, a luxury resort in Greenough, Montana, is stippled with a variety of picturesque ranch-inspired tents that comes complete with, wait for it...butlers! Along with luxurious spa visits, unctuous gourmet dishes and breathtaking sceneries, guests can enjoy activities like horseback riding, archery, fly fishing, hot air ballooning and even cattle herding. I think I'm definitely a Glamping kind of girl.
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Paris, Paris

Paris, is there any place more romantic?

Nichole and Evan Robertson, the husband and wife duo of Little Brown Pen captures the charm of the city of lights perfectly. I love that they depict the real Paris instead of the glorified version often displayed to us.
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