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A Quick Tip to Make Your Manicures Last Longer

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I get more manicures during the warmer months, but often within three days, I start seeing signs of chipping. To make sure your next manicure lasts until your next salon appointment, try swiping a good quality topcoat over the tips of your nails every three days to seal in your color. And if you're pressed for time, dip your nails into a bowl of ice water to speed up the drying process.


Three Tips For Online Shoppers

If you're anything like me, firing up your laptop and browsing the web for clothes is the ultimate stress reliever. But there's nothing more disappointing when your apparel arrives at your door and looks nothing like what you saw online. Follow these tips and your digital efforts will always pay off in the end.

The size chart is your friend
Will it be too tight? too long? too loose? No matter what your measurement, the size chart will aid in easing your uncertainty. However, not all sizing charts are created equal. Meaning, if you're a size 6 at one retailer, you might not be the same size at another. So use your judgment and order accordingly.

Take time to read the customer reviews
A customer review is comparable to a personal recommendation. I will not purchase an item online unless I've read the customer feedbacks first. I often use them to gauge whether a seller is reputable or whether my item fits true to size. With that said, I don't take every customer feedback as the holy grail of truth. However, if there's a general consensus regarding a particular item, I find from personal experience that it's best to heed everyone's advice.

Leave your items in your shopping cart for a few days
Are those pair of pumps you've been eyeing for the past month out of your price range? Just toss them in your shopping cart and walk away. Trust me. What are a few more days? (you've waited an entire month already). Depending on the retailer, you may get some encouragement to complete your purchase in the form of a discount code. Hey, sometimes it pays to be a little sneaky.

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