OK Monday, Let's Do This! (Links)

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here are some links from around the web to brighten up your Monday morning:

Barack still tucks Michelle in bed at night — why are they so perfect!?

So excited for the return of Younger this Wednesday. Have you seen the trailer for season 4? Will you be watching?

Speaking of trailers, the new movie Detroit looks incredible!

The universal phenomenon of men interrupting women

Here's how much it actually costs to be a wedding guest. Wowza!

In 10 years, your iPhone won't be a phone anymore

Big round of applause for Teen Vogue's latest guide to masturbation

If Sex and the City came out in 2017, Miranda would be the star. So true

Love this satirical children's book

Merlot Lollipops. Ha!

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