Study: Race and Gender Plays Role in Salary Negotiations

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It's no big surprise that race and gender continue to play a role in salary negotiations, but a new study by Fractl reveals just how significant the differentiating factors between men and women, and white and non-white individuals really are.

The study of 2000 diverse Americans shows women are less likely to approach their managers for a raise. But when race comes into play, all women are less likely to ask for a bump in salary compared to men of pretty much every race and ethnicity.

The study also reports that 51.8 percent of participants have asked for a raise. However, Asian-American men and women are least likely to take the plunge, followed by African-American women.
According to researchers, this might be due to cultural upbringing since some cultures view assertiveness as a sign of disrespect. Unsurprisingly, white males are most likely to ask for a raise in the workplace.

According to the study, people are more comfortable discussing salary raises with someone of the same race. Surprisingly, 69.9 percent of African-American men feel comfortable with the idea, compared to 61.3 percent of white American men and 66.1 percent of Hispanic or Latino men. Furthermore, while white women believe they were denied raises because of their gender, non-white women believe ethnicity was the primary reason.

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