Bryant Park In The Summertime

Nestled in the midst of chaotic time square, Bryant Park's suburban atmosphere has always put me at ease. I find everything about it magical, from its lush manicured lawn, and blooming flowers in the summer, scattered multi-hued leaves in the fall, right down to its winter wonderland transformation in the winter. It's just one of those little oases' in the city that is near-and-dear to my heart.

The park hosts a variety of fun events, like the reading room, morning yoga, Shakespeare in the park, movie nights during the summer months and in the winter, you can ice skate for free (permitting that you bring your own skates). Do you have a place like that, where you can go to clear your mind and recharge? I think everyone should.

I usually go to Bryant Park to relax, catch up on a bit of light reading or to people watch. There's something so sublime about watching people with their guards down, completely immersed in laughter and banter, sans reticence. Those moments are usually fleeting but when I witness them, I just fall in love with humanity, all over again.
(Photographs by me)

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