From Haiti: Fritay (Fritaille)

Haitian food is a fusion of French and African cuisine. One of Haiti's most popular fare is Fritay, an assortment of fried food which often include Griot (salty, fatty, spicy nuggets of fried pork), Tassot (chewy bits of fried goat or beef), Banane Pese (fried pressed plantains), saucisse (thick succulent sausage links), Accra (crunchy malanga fritters), Marinade (crispy chicken or cod fish fritters with a spongy middle) often served with one of my favorite sides, Pikliz (a pickled solution of shredded cabbage, carrots, onions and spicy habanero peppers).

You'll often find rows of vendors standing over their saucer-size wrought iron pans, swirling a variation of Fritay in a sea of scalding oil in the sweltering streets of Haiti. Imagine the intensely aromatic fumes wafting in the open street market, with men and women zipping by with schoolchildren on mini motorcycles. Scattered chickens pecking scraps of food from the pebbled road. Such glorious chaos. Sometimes, food is meant to be enjoyed in its authentic scenery.

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