Fear has a way of shaking you to your very core. It molds itself into your flesh, your very being and if you're not careful -- becomes a part of who you are. I recently went through a medical scare, it turned out to be a false alarm, thanks be to God. But during the ordeal, I found myself consumed with unadulterated fear. What if I have this or that? What if this happens? It was a never-ending round of questions with an equal round of indefinite answers, and none of them good.
I tend to go from 0 to 360, there's no middle ground with me -- it's either good or bad. These last couple of weeks, I had to pull myself back from these two extremes and inhabit a happy middle. If only for my sanity. I guarded my faith in God and knew whatever those test results revealed, he would walk with me through the most perilous terrain.
It's not until something threatens to derail your journey through this wonderful, often chaotic thing called life that you truly learn what you're made of, what you're capable of and what truly matters.
Here's to life! and may we cherish all its little treasures while we still can. Was that a bit morose?
(Photograph via Clever Nettle)

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