Hello, 2013!

Welcome to 2013 Perception In Print readers! I hope you had an amazingly relaxing New Year. Mine was wonderful, thank you for asking (I'm sure you would've asked). As tradition in all Haitian households on January 1, we made soup Joumou (pronounced Joo-Moo).

Translation: Squash soup. It was silky, buttery, spicy, complex in flavor -- basically -- what I would call a divine experience.

See recipe from Saveur here.
I don't make new year resolutions like exercise more and eat healthier because I seldom keep them. This year, I've decided to delve deeper. I'm going to claim my life. What does that mean? Well, this little divine guidance is courtesy of my good friend, Bobby. Last week, during one of our late night tête-à-têtes, he told me to claim what I want in 2013 -- as long as it's available to me. It was just an ah hah moment, why didn't this occur to me before?! I just think that's great advice, don't you?
Here's to all the wonderful things that awaits us in 2013 my darlings, I simply can't wait to share a few triumphs with you all.
(Pictures via Fig & Fauna and Honestly WTF)

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