Red Lips For The Holidays

There is nothing more festive than a smear of rouge for the holidays. The vivid hue can either enhance the image of a sex-pot or add dimension to a more demure woman's attire. However, you must choose the right shade for your skin tone. I understand it can be a daunting task but it's so worth the anxiety once you find your perfect shade. From the classic fire engine red pout, orange to burgundy, rock your red lips your way this holiday season -- and be merry.


Random Act of Kindness

'Tis the season.

This picture is a prime example of what I love about this time of year, the spirit of giving is alive and well, folks.

NYPD officer Larry DePrimo, 25, came to the aid of a barefoot homeless man in the frigid streets of Manhattan this month by buying him a $75 pair of  winter boots, thermal socks included. A tourist snapped the heartwarming picture above, posted it online and it has since gone viral.

By the way, DePrimo wasn't even aware the photo had been taken until a friend alerted him of his new celebrity status during dinner that night.

"I didn't think anything of it," he said of his random act of kindness, but we certainly do. I think I speak on behalf of most people when I say, thank you officer, DePrimo.


Newsboy Caps, Yay or Nay?

What do you think of newsboy caps?

I personally love them, perhaps because of my current profession -- Journalist. I  bought one from the flea market years ago and wear it every chance I get -- no matter what the season. We're inseparable.

What one item do you constantly wear?

South Korean Street Style

Picture courtesy of The Sartorialist
Korean girls have such effortless style. Her outfit is so simple yet so incredibly striking. The navy coat is classic, the mini skirt and opaque tights add a dose of sex appeal and the boots lend a bit of edge. I also love the way her backpack hangs casually over her shoulder. I adore this photo.

Also, what do you think of her top knot? I think they're so feminine, chic and add such Parisian flair -- especially with flirty tendrils framing your face.

Check out this fun top knot tutorial from Joanna Goddard's charming blog, A Cup of Jo.

Want more? click here.

How Do You Escape?

It may be silly but when I'm feeling sad or generally having a tough time, I like to escape from reality by creating fun little stories -- and yes, I suffer from happily-ever-after syndrome because my protagonists always have happy endings.

Here's the beginning of one I started a few weeks ago...

With the gloss of the evening sun peeking through the slit of her window sill, arianna vowed that things would be different. As sleep enveloped her in its darkness, hope paved the way to a brighter tomorrow.

That's as far as I got because something came up, I don't remember what -- but it completely distracted me from my lackadaisical day.



Do you remember how fierce you were when you were young, when you were unafraid of being unhinged? I watch my godson, who is only a few months old and I yearn for his vigor and ability to be able to thrust himself into any situation and not be afraid of the outcome -- albeit, he doesn't know any better. But, wouldn't you love some of that courage back?

Ladies Who Love Their Choo

I've always considered Jimmy Choo shoes as the younger, hipper sibling of Manolo Blahnik.

The British brand's latest creation, the "taste" heel, which is featured in their 2013 cruise collection cost nearly a grand but that doesn't stop starlets like Kristen Stewart and Ginnifer Goodwin from slipping their soles into them -- even Duchess Kate Middleton is crazy for the Choo. Princess Diana was also an avid fan of the iconic designer, it was reported that Choo was to deliver a pair of gold pumps to The People's Princess the day after she was killed.


Who Is Your Favorite Literary Heroine?

I identify with a bevy of literary heroines. Jane Eyre for her unwavering resolve, Josephine "Jo" March (Little Women) for her no-nonsense persona, Anna Karenina for embracing life on her own terms even Catherine Earnshaw (Wuthering Heights) for her devious mind games but my absolute favorite heroine has to be Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett (Pride And Prejudice).

The second of five daughters, Eliza was so ahead of her time and in my opinion, one of the most complex characters in American literature. She was intelligent, spirited, independent, feisty and unafraid to speak her mind. At a time where women engaged in marriages of convenience to secure financial security, she dared wait for love.

Austen once described Eliza as one of the most "delightful creatures" to ever appear in print.

Who is your favorite literary heroine?


Serendipitous Cocktails From The Boy's Club

If you enjoy a stiff drink and some good ol' anecdotes, The fellas over at The Boys' Club blog are just your type of crowd. They sure know how to craft a sinful cocktail. Take a look at a few of their boozy masterpieces below.

Bravo Boys.

Scathing Restaurant Review From The New York Times

 Have you read the review famed New York Times food critic Pete Wells wrote for Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar? The review is composed entirely of questions which basically ask the animated Food Network chef why the food at his new namesake restaurant is so inedible. Folks, it's brutal. Read it here.

Elegant Thanksgiving Centerpieces

I absolutely adore this time of year. I'm tickled pink over everything this season has to offer. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I'm thinking of new ways to decorate our dinner table. In lieu of the classic cornucopia, I'm going to opt for something with a bit more edge -- like these elegant centerpieces below.

(Photographs via here)


Extreme Footwear

As part of her thesis for a fine arts academy in Amsterdam, South African designer Leanie Van der Vyver, showcased a pair of towering footwear that puts even Lady Gaga's skyscraper heels to shame. Entitled "scary beautiful" Van der Vyver claims her goal in designing the heels is to explore "what lies beyond perfection."

I applaud Van der Vyver's creativity but her creation has me wondering about our standard of beauty. Have our sartorial palate evolved to the point that we're willing to trudge around in these painful contraptions?

I'd rather walk a mile in my demure Mary Janes, anyday.

Do you see yourself wearing these "scary beautiful" shoes one day?

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