Dinner At Midori Matsu For Mommy And Auntie's Birthday!

Onion soup. But it's really chicken broth with a few floating mushrooms. Tasty though.
Their house salad. The dressing was really yummy.
Raw veggies anyone?
The onion volcano
The calm after the storm
A mound of fried rice -- with crispy bits and all
Sizzling steak and shrimp. Yum!
My plate: steak and shrimp with veggies, noodles, a side of fried rice and a glass of cranberry juice to wash it all down
Fried ice cream? Um, no thanks!
  All smiles!
 Mommy and auntie!
Mommy, auntie and grandma!
Birthday cheers! and she likes it.
Simply sweet!
Group photo and a few smiles from the standing committee
Mommy, Alex and I!
It’s so lovely to go out together as a family. We had a relatively quiet birthday dinner for my mom and auntie at Midori Matsu, a Hibachi and sushi bar. We talked, reminisced about old times, dined on some good food and toasted to the many things we hope to accomplish in the future. Altogether, it was a wonderful night. Happy Birthday mommy and auntie!


Mellow Yellow

What is it about the color yellow that makes you want to frolic in the midst of an open field? With spring poised to make an appearance, no wonder this fun and flirty hue has been making the rounds lately. The citrusy trend has certainly been a recurring theme at NYFW, designers like DOO.Ri, Badgley Mischka, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang, J Crew, Christian Siriano and a slew of others, have all caught the mellow yellow fever.
There isn’t anything unappealing about the loose-fitting lemony yellow dress pictured above. The cropped leather jacket she has perched upon her shoulders adds the perfect dose of street cred to her sunny disposition. She is as mellow as can be, then again, she has her multi-colored tortoise sunglasses to shield her from the blinding flash bulbs of the paparazzi. Additionally, the alternating black and yellow pattern of her shades lends an element of playfulness to the simple chic dress.
The sheer black tights is a classy touch.  Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has been parading this trend all around town. She has even been spotted wearing them while attending a few of her many royal events.
This fashionista adheres to the simplicity of her attire by donning black suede booties, along with a simple black handbag with gold accents. However, a nice belt would have been a nice addition as it would show more of her curves by cinching her tiny waistline.
Lately, I’ve noticed that a few women have been sporting pink lips with their yellow garments. It’s such an interesting color combination.  In theory, pink and yellow sound like an unlikely duo, but in actuality, they're quite a match.


A Picture From Our Trip To Dorney Park

I found this sweet picture of my mom, Alex, Robino, and I from our trip to Dorney Park about two years ago. I suppose an introduction's in order. Robino (Nono) is my cousin but we're so incredibly close that we tell everyone that we are brother and sister (I love him immensely). Anyway, I just thought I'd share. And as always, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Chlorine water, not so good on the locks. I looked liked a poodle by the end of that trip, hence, the hat. While we are on the subject of tresses, how do you feel about ballerina buns? I think they're darling! Have a look here and also here.


Freelance Writing Course

I began my five week super-intensive pitching/writing course with Eric Butterman this afternoon. Eric Butterman is a super successful freelance writer who has written for magazines like Glamour, Men's Fitness, Travel Agent and countless other publications. His students have been rumored to have earned as much as $3000 for an article, before completing one of his courses.

The course was quite informative. Our first lecture dealt mainly with pitching and how to follow up with editors. Apparently, follow ups are extremely important. Butterman compared not following up with an editor after an initial pitch to throwing bags of potentially earned money out of the window. I'll keep that little tidbit in the back of my mind the next time I pitch to a magazine.

I must admit though, I felt a bit ill-prepared because everyone had so many questions, more than I expected them to. I'm definitely going to take a more active role next time.

Before you go, take a look at my latest post for the Dual Show site here! :)


Branching Out

Hello my darlings! I started blogging for Dual Show, just two days ago. Their website focuses on new trends in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and community. I thought you'd might like to take a look at my very first post for them. Here it is!

Duro Olowu

Up and coming Nigerian-born designer, Duro Olowu has taken the fashion world by storm with his unique style. His designs are flushed with an assortment of African prints and unexpected color combinations. Have a look!

“I think fashion should be joyful—it shouldn't dictate to women but it should invite them into the fantasy of the designer who is making them....”
—Duro Olowu Vogue UK

“My job is not about dictating to women what they should wear, it's about presenting them with beautiful options.”
—Duro Olowu The Independent (London)

The Brown Paper Bag Test

The brown paper bag test is undoubtedly the most dishonorable moment in African American history.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this practice, in the early 1900’s, certain privileged African Americans would perform an actual test on other members of the black community for the sole purpose of determining whether they were white enough to be accepted into their esteemed circles.

The test...

A brown paper bag would be held adjacent to a black person’s skin. If that individual’s skin turned out to be darker than the surface of a brown paper bag, he/she would be excluded from joining such reputable institutions like Phi Alpha Phi and Howard University. Even church groups took part in this shameful discrimination.

This horrid practice is far more than a few people having been denied entrance into a coveted institution. Colorism has always been an issue within the black community. It even dates back to the time of slavery. Fair-skinned blacks were always given preferential treatment by their masters. They were kept as house slaves while their darker-skinned counterparts worked outdoors in the harsh elements. They were also well travelled because they often accompanied their masters around the globe for family vacations.

An expanded worldview brought along several other opportunities for fair-skinned slaves, among them, an education. Darker-skinned blacks were treated like savage beasts.They were constantly humiliated, beaten, burned and even killed over trifling circumstances. Learning even basic skills like reading, writing and arithmetic was considered an illegal act.

The abolishment of slavery only widened the gap within the black community. Colorism became just as problematic as the discrimination blacks were subjected to from the whites during slavery. As the years progressed, some fair-skinned blacks developed a superiority complex, thus, breathing life to such practices like the brown paper bag test. Unfortunately, the war is still very much alive today, albeit, behind closed doors.


English Countryside Glamour

There's something so aristocratic about the English Countryside trend. It certainly seems to be a prevalent theme at NYFW. The tweed jackets, the ascots, the top hats, the jodhpur pants are absolutely poetic, don't you think? These darling ensembles makes me yearn for the romanticism period.

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