Life's Simple Pleasures

How often do you stop to enjoy life's simple pleasures? like:

The pitter-patter sound of raindrops against your window on a rainy day.

A blissful moment with a member of the opposite sex with just one glance, then having it be gone in a flash.

Captivating your family and friends with an interesting story.

Hearing a song that coincides with how you're feeling at a particular moment.

Quenching your thirst with a frosty glass of water on a sweltering summer day.

 A carefree day where you wake up, eat, sleep and repeat the process over-and-over again.

Sitting at your favorite spot (Bryant Park) and truly seeing the beauty of everyone and everything around you - and being mesmerized.

A familiar smell that takes you back in time to a special place or a special someone.

Sinking deep into your pillow and having a faint whiff of your favorite fabric softener. Aah, feels like home.

A striking landscape that holds you in abeyance and makes you think, "God I'm so lucky to be alive."

Family day! where anything goes and you can be free to be yourself, sans judgement.

Seeing your mother's face after a difficult day and having all your troubles melt away just because you feel honored to be in the presence of such warmth and strength.

Reminiscing about old times and looking at old baby pictures.

A fortuitous encounter.

Meeting that one person who truly understands you and accepts your flaws and insecurities. And if you're lucky thinks those little foibles make you even more perfect.

Accomplishing your dreams.

A huge bear hug.

Holding hands with your honey, fingers intertwined.

A good book.

The anticipation of taking a first bite of your favorite dish.

A warm bath wafting with a few of your favorite scents, jasmine, lavender, vanilla, black current - with scented candles (off course).

Witnessing a charitable act.

That warm feeling that envelops you after your own act of kindness

The look on your brother's face when you show interest in something he truly loves.

Those are a few of the little things that make life worth living, to me. Do you have a list of simple pleasures? Speaking of simple, I love the simplicity and elegance of the stunning photographs from Fig & Fauna. Take a look at a few of them below. The photographer's name is Rose E Martin.

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