Freelance Writing Course

I began my five week super-intensive pitching/writing course with Eric Butterman this afternoon. Eric Butterman is a super successful freelance writer who has written for magazines like Glamour, Men's Fitness, Travel Agent and countless other publications. His students have been rumored to have earned as much as $3000 for an article, before completing one of his courses.

The course was quite informative. Our first lecture dealt mainly with pitching and how to follow up with editors. Apparently, follow ups are extremely important. Butterman compared not following up with an editor after an initial pitch to throwing bags of potentially earned money out of the window. I'll keep that little tidbit in the back of my mind the next time I pitch to a magazine.

I must admit though, I felt a bit ill-prepared because everyone had so many questions, more than I expected them to. I'm definitely going to take a more active role next time.

Before you go, take a look at my latest post for the Dual Show site here! :)

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